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The 3D printing industrial park in titanium and titanium alloy of Baoji high-tech zone is an important characteristic industrial park with the purpose of expediting the incubator construction accelerating the combination of university-R&D-production cooperation and promoting the research and new breakthroughs of new materials for titanium and titanium alloy 3D printing, as well as improving the efficiency performance, transformation and upgrading of new materials industry in Baoji. Relying on the two platforms of " Baoji national new materials high-tech industrial base" and " Baoji national high-tech industrial base for titanium materials", the high-tech zone will focus on developing the 3D applied materials industry of non-ferrous metals.The characteristic 3D printing materials research and development base will be established with construction of incubation facility covering floor area of 65,000 m2, 2 office buildings with floo area 40,000m2,4 buildings of enterprise headquarters with floor area 30,000m2,will put priority on the development of the application of non-ferrous metal materials industry, design of auto parts, body parts and joint parts, sporting products and other fields.

Market forecast and benefit analysis:

Regarded as the current and key innovation technology to bring about the third industrial revolution, 3D printing industry has a broad and prosperous market prospect and huge development potential. Depending on the great advantages in manufacturing cost and cycle, 3D printing technology has maintained an average annual growth rate of 27% in equipment and services since it was proposed 26 years ago, making it one of the top 10 rapid growing industries.Baoji, which has a good industrial foundation in the research and development of titanium and titanium alloy materials, automobile and parts production and mold manufacturing, is an crucial industrial town in western China. All the industrial strength and foundation of Baoji can provide industrial chain supporting for the manufacturing of 3D printing enterprises. It is expected to realize an annual output value of about 500 million yuan after completion.


3D printing industrial park project in titanium and titanium alloy of Baoji high-tech zonet
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