Project Overview:

Relying on the industrial superiority of Baoji titanium group and more than 500 small medium sized enterprises involving titanium manufacturing, the production will be divided into five sectors such as living supplies, sporting products, building materials, medical, aerospace titanium,It will be emphatically introducing the titanium alloy life appliance and supplies production base project, titanium and titanium alloy medical orthopedic implant project, 3D printing materials production projects, titanium and titanium alloy materials and aerospace titanium alloy materials production projects.

Merchant Mode : cooperation , Joint venture

Market forecast and benefit analysis:

The world titanium demand  is growing at 8% per year on average in recent years, according to the international titanium industry association predicts that in 2018 the world titanium consumption will reach 300000 tons. Therefore, the market is good prospect with significant economic benefits and would become the biggest application of titanium and titanium alloy industrial park, the park will implement after the completion of the annual production of about30 billion yuan. As China's largest titanium and titanium alloy application industrial park, it will lead Baoji manufacturing industry to usher in a new era.

China titanium valley new material application industrial park project
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