Fine grinding

Fine grinding refers to that the surface polishing process of titanium and titanium alloy castings with the various types of conventional emery rubber wheels. However, it is still necessary to pay attention to the following problems: do not heat the casting part and cause grinding damage on the surface of the casting in order to make the surface smooth

Barrel grinding

Barrel grinding method refers to that to put the casting part into the barrel type grinding groove with abrasive materials, water and additives, In order to have a smooth and flat surface, the abrasive friction is produced with the rotation and vibration of the grinding barrel between mixture and processed casting parts. Its characteristic is that produce less dust pollution with low labor intensity, as well as it will not generate heat in the conventional grinding process. At present, Japan has been the commercialization of barrel grinding machine and used for other metal casting contains titanium and titanium alloy castings, plastic abrasive materials for sale, etc. Tests have confirmed that the pk series is the highest grinding efficiency, But the surface roughness is also the highest among the all. Although the grinding efficiency of SA and B series abrasive is not as effective as pk, the surface smoothness of the ground titanium casting is the best. The first of barrel grinder for dentistry has been successfully developed in the Fourth Military Medical University.

Mechanical polishing

Mechanical polishing method means to use different specifications of the soft cloth or black brush by dipping in with special polishing paste on the surface of titanium and titanium alloy castings, When polishing of titanium casting parts, it must be completely clear casting surface without any contamination and not the new grinding hardening layer, which cannot achieve the ideal effect of polishing. Therefore, the author has also tried to use green polishing paste on titanium and titanium alloy castings so that getting an ideal polishing effect by adopting the way of high speed and less pressure. The polished titanium and titanium alloy castings cannot be rinsed immediately after the surface oxidation film is sufficiently formed, otherwise the surface will darken.

A common method for surface polishing of titanium alloy rod TC4

Production Technology