About Us
Qualification & Certification

Firmakes Titanium obtains certification of ISO-9001:2015 quality management system. All products that the company designs, develops and manufactures meet standards of ISO9001, which ensures that the company’s products have high quality and meet industrial standards.


Firmakes Titanium passed evaluation of enterprises' credit, and won AAA-level certificate of enterprises' credit rating. It means that, since its establishment, Firmakes Titanium's development mode of integrity and compliance is highly recognized by authorities.


Firmakes Titanium  focuses on increasing investment on scientific research and technology, and actively carries out the work of technical innovation. The company has obtained the utility model patent authorized by SIPO, which is a kind of quick cutting device made of pure titanium, and the company has also obtained another patent, which is a kind of polisher for titanium tubes. The obtainment of such invention patents further increases the company's core technical competitiveness and provides great technical support for the company's future development.