About Us
Team and Structure

Firmakes Titanium with a professional technical team to provide technical and sales support for customers is capable to coordinate domestic industry resources to provide personalized customized services for customers with different needs. The company’s local technology development, product innovation, scientific research institutes, laboratories, testing centers are complete, science and technology and all fields of talents in Titanium manufacturing is dedicated to provide global customers with high-quality products and services that meet the requirements of the quality system.

Company has a organizational structure and is dedicated to customers to create world-class services. All incoming inquiries from customers around the world will be responded promptly by our standardized marketing department; In the purpose of building a bridge with China titanium and other rare metal technologies and prices for customers, a lasting partnership with you will be established by our after-sales services. Standing at the forefront of titanium, zirconium and hafnium non-ferrous metals industry in China and the world, the professional technology department studies and judges the development trend of the industry to gathers new areas of product development, optimizes product process according to customer needs, and provides high-quality customized services. For the production and implementation of customer orders in strict accordance with the different quality system standards required by customers is fully responsibled by quality department; it collects the production records and documents of order goods, establishes the electronic files of goods, and stores them for customers for five years free. The efficient logistics department is expertized for the order organization, the ordering and acceptance of goods packing boxes, the inspection and supervision of the whole process of goods packing, to ensure that the goods packaging conforms to the international general specifications and the goods are safe and undamaged in the transportation process.